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Broadway Parish Council


agenda 7th September 2021






If you would like to contact any of the councillors please contact the clerk in first instance:


Fiona McKenzie (Clerk)

Councillors                                                                     Representing

Peter Gregory  (Chairman)                                                 A358 dualling, footpaths and bridleways, Walking Group liaison

James Champion                                                                  Playing field , Scouts Liaison, Christmas, Defib

Richard Baker        (Vice Chair )                                                               Village hall , Vardens Pond

Gena Driskell                                                                         Playing field , Cricket club and Neroche school liaison

Channon Preece                                                                    Volunteering and village agent liaison

Robin Toms

Broadway Parish Council was formed in 1894.

The Council consists of seven Councillors and a Parish Clerk. The councillors, who are all volunteers, work for the benefit of the parish and its inhabitants. We currently still  have 1  Parish Council councillor vacancy.

The Council has several assets for which it is responsible-Varden’s Pond, Standerwick Orchard, The War Memorial, the Play Area, as well as noticeboards and seats.

The Council considers village planning applications submitted to South Somerset District Council, and reacts and responds to requests from parishioners, various organisations and local government. The Council also supports local charities and youth organisations.

Meetings of the Council are held bi-monthly on the first Tuesday in the month.

These Meetings are held in Broadway Village Hall, starting at 7.30pm.

Everyone in the village is welcome to attend.


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Broadway Village Hall

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